The big Mallorca boat tour

The Malgrats Islands ("Es Malgrats") off the coast of Mallorca, Spain

While in Santa Ponça last month, my family and I wanted to hop on a catamaran for a cruise. There are lots of options for a nice boat trip in Mallorca and we quickly decided on the 4-hour trip to the Malgrats Islands, Port Andratx and Dragonera, with a couple of with swimming stops thrown in.

Boarding a catamaran for a day trip at the boat dock in Santa Ponsa, Majorca, SpainBoarding a catamaran for a day trip at the boat dock in Santa Ponça, Mallorca, SpainSettling sail for a 4-hour boat trip in Santa Ponça, MallorcaGoing on a boat trip in Santa Ponça (or Santa Ponsa), MallorcaTrips for a long boat trip from Santa Ponça, Mallorca

We bought our tickets on the day (20€ pp) and set sail at 11:15am, cruising towards the Islas Malgrats.

These two small islands are uninhabited, and were declared an Ecological Reserve in 2004. They’re home to a variety of birds and surrounded by marine wildlife, thanks in part to a new artificial reef.

Cruising past the Malgrat Islands off Mallorca, SpainA boat trip to the Malgrats Islands ("Es Malgrats") off the coast of Mallorca, SpainMalgrats Islands ("Islas Malgrats") off the coast of Mallorca, SpainThe Malgrats Islands ("Es Malgrats") off the coast of Santa Ponça, Mallorca

Just around the corner, we pulled into a little cove and the boat came to a halt. The sea was beautifully clear and the most perfect turquoise—and we were getting in for a swim.

I’m not the strongest swimmer, but after considering the options I realised I’d be going home with regrets if I stayed on the boat. As soon as I announced my decision my Mum decided to join me 💙

Boat trip in Mallorca, SpainHouses by the sea in Mallorca, SpainA 4-hour boat cruise in Mallorca, SpainBoat cruise in Mallorca, SpainSea swimming on a boat trip in Mallorca, SpainThe jagged coast of Mallorca, Spain

Back on the boat, we towelled-off (N.B. towels aren’t provided, so if you plan on swimming make sure you bring one) while continuing on up the coast.

Mallorca is very fertile and there are green trees dotting the landscape right down to the seashore.

You can also see lots of caves and holes along the cliffs. Mallorca is made primarily from limestone, actually quite a soft rock which gradually dissolves in water over time: this leads to what is known as a ‘karst’ topography.

The coast of Majorca, SpainThe beautiful coastline of the island of Mallorca, SpainMallorca island's beautiful jagged coastline, SpainThings to do in Mallorca: go on a boat trip from Santa Ponça

After an hour or so spent chugging around the next couple of headlands, we turned into Port Andratx.

This upmarket resort town, though still a working harbour, is popular with yacht-owning types and the marina is lined with fancy restaurants and bars.

With only half an hour to spare, we opted for gelato and a wander.

Port Andratx, MallorcaThe beautiful upmarket harbour village of Port Andratx in Mallorca, SpainPort Andratx, Mallorca: an upmarket harbour village with a working port and some famous residentsThe coastal town of Port Andratx in Mallorca, SpainThings to do in Mallorca: visit the fancy harbour village of Port AndratxVisiting Port Andratx, Mallorca—an upmarket fishing village on the Spanish islandPort Andratx, MallorcaThings to eat in Mallorca: gelato in Port Andratx, SpainGetting the boat from Santa Ponça to Port Andratx, Mallorca

While at our next swimming stop, a light lunch was also served—it was a decent buffet-type spread of meats, Spanish omelette and crisps and included sangria (I’m not a fan so had Fanta instead).

Our next ‘stop’ was Sa Dragonera. We actually just cruised by, admiring the shape that gives the island its name—like that of a sleeping dragon.

This islet is a national park and is also uninhabited, though other boat tours do actual stop-offs here so you can disembark for a wander and to admire all the flora and fauna.

Seagulls in Mallorca, SpainBoat trip companions in Mallorca, SpainBeing accompanied by seagulls while on a boat trip in Mallorca, SpainBlue skies and seagulls in SpainFeeding seagulls in MallorcaSeagulls in Mallorca, SpainHoliday tips for harbour towns in Mallorca, Spain

On the way back to Santa Ponça we were joined by a flock of the healthiest-looking gulls I’ve ever seen.

It soon became clear why: these fellas were smart, and had worked out that boats = people = food. They followed us for at least 20 minutes, dive-bombing to take leftover crisps right out of our hands.

I hope you enjoyed joining me on a boat trip in Mallorca! Check out the rest of my posts about this Spanish island.

This isn’t affiliated with any company offering a boat trip in Mallorca, I just recommend a cruise!

Boat trip in Santa Ponça, Mallorca

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