Day out at Botany Bay in Kent

Botany Bay in Kent, on the English coast

As a county with lots of ‘must visit’ beaches and towns, it’s easy to overlook Botany Bay in Kent. But this beautiful cove is handily located betweenย Broadstairs and the increasingly-popular, hipster-magnet of Margate, so it’s easy to visit from London.

Waking up with a case of the blues, I decided the sea would cure me and it was time to day trip to Margate…on arrival I was underwhelmed. Botany Bay is a 45-minute stroll down the promenade so off I went.

Chalk stacks at Botany Bay, KentVisiting Botany Bay, KentSmugglers' caves in the chalk cliffs at Botany Bay in Kent, England

It was a drizzly, windswept walk that, at the time, matched my mood quite pleasingly. But as I arrived at Botany Bay, the clouds cleared and the sky turned a gorgeous blue.

There were dogs everywhere, the sand squished under my sneakers, and the chalk cliffs (complete with smugglers’ caves) were bright white in the sunshine.

My bad mood was successfully lifted.

Visiting Botany Bay, Kent from LondonMy tips for how to visit Botany Bay in Kent on a day trip from LondonBotany Bay in Kent, England

Getting to Botany Bay by train

Trains run regularly from London St. Pancras and London Victoria and a ticket costs around ยฃ25 return, bought on the day. It takes around 90-120 minutes each way.

Trains from Victoria divide at Faversham, with half the coaches continuing on to Ramsgate (via Margate) and the other half going to Dover Priory*. Make sure you’re in the right half!

*Check out my guide for visiting the White Cliffs of Dover.

Where to stay at Botany Bay in Kent

The 3-starย Botany Bay Hotel is right at the top of the cliffs, a minute walk to Botany Bay, and has excellent reviews.

Ancient chalk cliffs at Botany Bay, Kent, United KingdomA day trip from London to Botany Bay in Kent, on the English coast

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One Reply to “Day out at Botany Bay in Kent”

  1. This is so beautiful!! These white stone walls are crazy! I can imagine how views like this would lift your spirits. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish I’d live near the sea… I just came back from a week in Ireland and I already miss it so much. I don’t know what it is about the irish and of course english seaside that makes me crave it so much, but I definitely need to go back soon. ๐Ÿ™‚
    All the best from Austria

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