Climbing Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

Tips for climbing Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

When in Edinburgh, climbing Arthur’s Seat is practically compulsory. So even though I was only visiting the city for a short of time I wanted to squeeze in a quick hike—despite waking up to pouring rain, I put on a waterproof and set off.

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

From the city centre, the mist was so thick that Arthur’s Seat wasn’t even really visible.

I detoured for a slice of cake while waiting to see if the rain stopped. This was clearly an excellent plan because a) it worked, and b) cake.

Arthur's Seat, EdinburghA misty day at Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Climbing Arthur’s Seat: the routes

There are a few ways to get to the top of Arthur’s Seat, depending how much you want to challenge yourself.

I decided on my route but, due to poor instructions on the website I’d used to research the options, accidentally took a nearby path (Orange) instead of the one I wanted (Blue).

Warning signs at Arthur's Seat, EdinburghArthur's Seat, Edinburgh

After reaching the bottom of the Red Route, which is the most difficult way to the top, I reassessed based on the weather and carried on with an option that seemed less risky for a woman climbing a steep, rocky, extinct volcano in the rain by herself.

Were I to try climbing Arthur’s Seat again, I’d go for the Green Route.

Arthur's Seat, EdinburghViews of lochs from Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

My new route took me via a loch, which was a nice surprise.

From this southerly angle there was a steady but low-incline hill that took me almost to the top of Arthur’s Seat, with just a short rockier climb to the very summit.

Arthur's Seat, EdinburghArthur's Seat, Edinburgh

The top of Arthur’s Seat

If you’re British, you’ll remember that there was one crazy day in October where the sky turned a funny colour for a few minutes.

I happened to be at the top of Arthur’s Seat as the sky went red.

At this point I had no idea this was caused by Hurricane Ophelia—I remember thinking “wow the light is really unusual up here” 🙃

The top of Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

After taking a different route back to the bottom of Arthur’s Seat, it seemed sensible to refuel and a Scottish fry up was the obvious choice.

If you’ve been, do you have any tips for anyone thinking of climbing Arthur’s Seat?

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