How I travelled 14 times in a year

View from the top of Castle Hill, Budapest

Last June, I took Spanish treats into the office and someone shouted, “You’re always on holiday!”. It’s true—last year I went on lots of trips, despite being on a tighter a budget than ever. Want to know how to travel more often? Here’s my simple secret:

Prioritise travel.

That’s it.

Sure money could always be more plentiful but sometimes you need to ‘suffer’ short-term for those long-term gains. Of course you want that Friday night bottle of wine—but even one £15 bottle a week adds up to £780 a year.

Skip the daily takeaway coffee, eat leftovers for lunch, buy clothes from charity shops. Spend your money on travel—not things.

Find cheap flights with Skyscanner, use loyalty schemes (I just got 5,000 free Avios/airmiles with a British Airways credit card), and now’s the time to book—everyone’s new year sales are go, including flights to the USA with from just £139 one-way!

How to travel more often, without the hassle of travelling

Don’t forget that experiencing somewhere new doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune or hopping on a plane.

Make the most of your own country (staycations are fun) or visit unfamiliar places on your doorstep. I ticked-off loads of places in the UK this year and had a great time getting to know Britain better.

So the secret to how to travel more often really isn’t that difficult.

If you want to go places, go.

Places I visited in 2017

How to travel more often: "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."—Unknown

Photograph from my long weekend in Mallorca

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