London studio flat living area—featuring a pink sofa!

Millennial pink sofa

GUESS WHO GOT A PINK SOFA?! What a basic, millennial bitch, I know. I’m not even a pink person—but somehow this sofa spoke to my soul. Let’s tour my little studio living area.

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Let’s recap: last August I moved into a teeny, zone 1 studio flat in South London. It’s my first-ever, very-own home and I love it…and how many times in life do you get the chance to get a blush pink sofa? Milking the single girl benefits…

Can we also discuss the shape?! I’ve ALWAYS wanted a corner sofa so I am fully realising my dreams right now. This sofa is the perfect combination of mid-century and modern (and the square arms almost hide my ugly radiator).

Blush pink L-shaped sofa

If I’m honest it’s a smidge too big for the space, but in my opinion it’s compulsory to have a sofa you can fully spread out on. Countless friends have slept here and I often take accidental naps at the weekend…that surely takes priority over floor space.

(I promise this post is #notanad for this sofa. I just LOVE IT SO MUCH.)

Baby pink corner sofa

To balance out the twee, and because I still love them, I’ve reused the black and white accessories from my last apartment. This colour scheme also ties in with my bedroom, which is important as it’s just on the other side of this same room—tour to come…


Pink corner sofa from Swoon Editions (Tivoli in Blossom, with solid oak feet)

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