And so, life goes on

Let The Good Times Roll, Dalston, London

This is a personal blog in that I post some of the happier snippets of my life, so I’ve wrestled with whether—or how—to mention what’s been going recently. Basically, I’ve been single for a while. Hardly relevant to a travel blog, but still: my life is different and this blog will inevitably change a bit too.

Personal post: I'm now Bridget Jones, apparentlyHaving moved out of my co-owned flat, I’m now settling into my own little place near Borough Market (hence my new nickname). I’m looking forward to exploring a less familiar part of town—I desperately need NEWNESS. This week is my sixth London-versary and it’s the first time I’ve lived south of the river (the uninitiated should know that Londoners are strictly north or south people). I love that London is big enough that you don’t have to leave but can have a fresh start.

In this spirit I’m living alone, also for the first time. Sadly solo London living = £££ so there’ll be less travel posts here (still as many as possible!) but I’m looking forward to my new life in Southwark.

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4 Replies to “And so, life goes on

  1. This is an exciting new chapter for you, Becky! Really cool that you get to discover a new part of town and you can make your new crib all your own. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes!

  2. I lived in Southwark for a year and loved it! (Not to mention like all of my money went to Borough Market…). I hope you enjoy your new London home 🙂

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