Small bedroom makeover—final reveal + tour

Small bedroom makeover

My Stoke Newington flat was the first home I got to decorate and despite the challenges of working with a small, awkwardly-shaped bedroom I love how it turned out. So, while I don’t live here anymore, here’s my small bedroom makeover.

Small bedroom makeover in a converted Victorian house

Starting with the basics, and as mentioned in my home updates post, it took 2 years (to the day) to paint this room. It was such an ordeal I couldn’t bring myself to think about sharing it in the immediate aftermath—then I moved out.

Scandinavian-style small bedroom makeover
Prints a combination of DIYs, gifts and Etsy buys—YAY banner also from Etsy

Small, Scandinavian-style bedroom makeover in a Victorian converted house in north LondonIf you follow me on Instagram you’ll have already have seen some shots of this Scandinavian-style bedroom. Of course, this is a trend that’s been done and done and done but it’s apparently one we never tire of.

I didn’t even consciously choose this style but after pinning literally hundreds of images of clean, white rooms it seemed it had chosen me—and it’s ideal for a bedroom, the one room in your home that really should be calm and clutter-free, tidy and tranquil.

Graphic prints & pegboard styled on a picture ledge above a doorway
Picture ledges from IKEA, pegboard from Etsy
Vita EOS white feather light shade in a Scandinavian style bedroom in a London flat
Feather light shade from Vita

I posted a small bedroom makeover progress report, sharing how things were coming together in this oddly-shaped room: we’d bought paint and furniture, and I’d re-hung the blind (which was previously much too low, blocking the sash window and making the room feel stunted even with its high ceilings).

The only thing to do was crack out the rollers, but of course we were settled in this room so it was much easier to put it off. Then last February I woke up one Saturday and enough was enough—it was The Weekend.

After 3 non-stops days of moving furniture out, painting uneven Victorian walls, and moving furniture back in, it felt like we’d been run over. But waking up to this was absolutely worth it.

Vanity details in a simple Scandi-style bedroom
Marble pot from John Lewis, wooden hand by HAY, Eiffel Tower trinket dish from Anthropologie
Sansevieria in a mid-century-style planter
Mid-century planter from La Redoute

Honestly I was glad it took longer than expected to whip this room into shape. It felt right to have decorated in a considered way, rather than rushing into making changes that would need to be replaced or re-done by a professional.

Of course we made mistakes along the way—surely a given for first-time homeowners. Luckily they were minor and easily fixed without huge cost or inconvenience. I’m proud of how things went down in these old walls.

Vintage camera collection organised and displayed on a String Pocket shelves system
Pocket shelves by String Furniture, vintage Anglepoise lamp (similar)
Small bedroom makeover, including thoughtful personal details
Pocket shelves by String Furniture, vintage Anglepoise lamp and G Plan bedside drawers

So there you have it—some inspiration for a small bedroom makeover.

I’ll soon share some snaps from my current home, which is a completely different space to this top-floor, converted Victorian house…


Storage bed from
Bedding from La Redoute, TK Maxx and House of Fraser
DIY throw pillows, instructions here
Mattress from Silentnight
Vintage Fresco bedside drawers by G Plan
Vintage Anglepoise lamps (similar at John Lewis)
Pocket shelves by String Furniture
Oak drawers from Habitat
Feather pendant light by Vita
Roman blind from John Lewis
Mid-century planter from La Redoute
Acrylic storage drawers from MUJI
Wooden hand by HAY
Marble storage pot from John Lewis
Eiffel Tower trinket dish from Anthropologie
Vintage school chair
Retro mirror
Picture ledges from IKEA
Picture frames from IKEA, Habitat and charity shops
YAY banner and pegboard from Etsy
Prints mostly vintage, gifts or DIYed, others from Etsy
Endurance wall paint by Dulux (in Timeless and Chic Shadow)

Ideas for a small bedroom makeover

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