My first time flying solo

My tips for flying solo after taking my first ever flight all by myself!

I’d always wanted to try flying alone. Last year my mum and sister, who live 200 miles away, booked a weekend in Mallorca and I decided to tag along, flying from London. If you’re curious about travelling by yourself, here are my tips for flying solo.

Start short-haul

If you’ve never flown alone before, it’s not the best idea to start by jetting to the opposite side of the world.

The flight from London to Mallorca is only 2 hours, perfect for a solo first-timer.

Plane view, somewhere over France

Be organised

If you’re used to sharing the booking process with others, make sure you’ve covered all the bases:

  • Check your travel insurance policy has you covered for the correct country and dates
  • Plan your journey to the airport, allowing time for delays
  • Make sure you have change in the correct currency for any public transport you might want to use at the other end
  • Research transfers in advance—don’t do what I did, booking my return train for the wrong date after forgetting my flight landed after midnight

Make sure you have what you need to be comfortable and relaxed for your entire journey, from water to earplugs, a blanket/travel pillow to reading material.

Wideroe plane at Tromso Airport, Norway

Stay safe

Think about your transfers to and from the airport, especially if you’re going somewhere that’s considered less safe for lone travellers.

Book onward travel/hire cars via a reputable firm, and if you’re meeting someone let them know your flight details, estimated time of arrival, and how you’ll be getting to your final destination.

As a nervous flyer I surprised myself by enjoying my first lone flight, and I’ve already booked to visit Prague and Tallinn by myself this year!

Do you have any more tips for flying solo?

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