10 top tips for small space living

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As someone who’s lived in London for almost 7 years I’ve picked up some tricks for living in a little home (because London property = small). So it’s time I shared some tips for small spaces, and how to make the most of them—it can be done and you can learn to love it!

  1. When your square footage is limited, your furniture needs to work extra hard to earn its place. Lots of retailers now offer ‘compact’ or ‘petite’ ranges, so shop around.
  2. Don’t think you have to buy things for their intended purpose. You mightn’t have enough space to squeeze in a standard desk but a console table is usually half as deep while still the right height.
  3. You can also double things up, for example by using a stool as a bedside table but also as extra seating when you have guests.
  4. Don’t buy furniture for the sake of it. Do you really need a coffee table? Consider a side table instead.
  5. Buy furniture that’s on taller legs: the fact the eye can travel underneath means it’s tricked into seeing more space.
  6. Storage is everything. Some furniture, like beside and coffee tables, can also have drawers—go for them if you can.
  7. Keep clutter to a minimum. Messy homes just look smaller.
  8. We know colour has a big impact on the look and feel of a space, but don’t believe you have to have all white everything. Dark paint can in fact make walls appear to recede.
  9. Don’t avoid pattern either, for example vertical-striped curtains can make windows look taller, which in turn makes a whole room appear bigger.
  10. Speaking of windows, for god’s sake hang curtains and blinds at the correct height. This both draws the eye up and allows the maximum amount of light to enter the room. Brighter = bigger.

Check out my previous interiors posts for more ideas and inspiration and if you’ve got any more tips for small spaces please do share in the comments!

10 easy tips for small spaces

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