WALALAxPLAY, NOW Gallery, London

If you live in London, WALALAxPLAY needs no introduction—by now you’ve seen this colourful maze all over Instagram.

After a couple of almost-visits I finally dragged myself to SE10 for a poke around this interactive exhibition, by digital print artist Camille Walala, where you’re invited “to explore, examine and enjoy a labyrinthine network of corridors and enclosed spaces”.

Art exhibition WALALAxPLAY at the NOW Gallery in LondonThe colourful WALALAxPLAY exhibition in Greenwich, London

Getting to the NOW Gallery

After a nightmare journey to Greenwich, my phone didn’t recognise the gallery’s post code but I eventually realised it’s right outside North Greenwich station. Of course it is.

From the tube station, when you reach the top of the escalators just do a U-turn and the gallery is on the right, in the round glass building.

Visiting WALALAxPLAY, NOW Gallery, LondonInteractive art exhibition WALALAxPLAY in London


Once you’ve made it to the NOW Gallery, you’ve made it to WALALAxPLAY. The exhibition is right inside the door, to the left.

Based on the gallery’s own advice I’d pre-booked tickets but on the Tuesday evening of my visit it really wasn’t necessary—however tickets are free to book, via Eventbrite, so it’s worth reserving your spot anyway.

You have to remove your shoes, then in you go.

WALALAxPLAY, NOW Gallery—interactive art exhibition designed by Camille Walala

The maze is intended to be a kind-of playground for grown-ups…and while it’s colourful and fun and an interesting idea, it just isn’t big enough.

It probably didn’t help that while I was there a girl was having a full-on unofficial photoshoot inside the maze, taking over the entire thing.

A friend who’d visited already told me that the exhibition wasn’t worth making a special trip for and to be honest I agreed with him.

WALALAxPLAY: a colourful maze inside the NOW Gallery, London

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If you aren’t too far from Greenwich and do fancy popping in, WALALAxPLAY is on at the NOW Gallery until Sunday 24th September 2017. Find out more about Camille Walala.

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